CashWise Launch

CashWise Launch


Today, we are ecstatic to announce the official launch of the CashWise Treasury Management Automation platform!  With CashWise, businesses in Singapore now have a way keep up with inflation by leveraging the power of automation.

Our solution utilizes cash flow data to autonomously identify and mobilize idle cash into money markets (SGD & USD) without sacrificing liquidity for daily operations.  Clients using CashWise can expect:

  • Higher Earnings:  The maximum amount of cash is always deployed into money markets (Syfe Cash+ Flexi)
  • Time Savings & Reduced Errors:  Easily save 10+ hours every month and eliminate manual errors by letting CashWise manage the flow of your cash
  • Risk Management:  Reduced risk of liquidity shortages leading to overdrafts and other penalties through continuous monitoring and automated daily cash management routines
  • Better Controls:  Role-based access management means that the CEO or CFO can confidently set the treasury parameters then let operational staff manage cash flows knowing that the treasury will continue to operate safely

A world class treasury management experience awaits our clients thanks to partnerships with Airwallex and Syfe at launch time.

Airwallex offers global payments in 150+ countries and regions and 46+ currencies, FX & Transfers, Payments & Plugins, corporate cards, expense management and countless integrations

Syfe treasury products include Cash+ Flexi USD at 5.30% pa projected, Cash+ Flexi SGD at 3.70% pa projected

To celebrate this milestone, CashWise is offering 3 MONTHS UNLIMITED ACCESS FOR FREE!
All you need to do is sign up in Q4 2023

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