Configuring Transactional Account Parameters

Configuring Transactional Account Parameters

CashWise Transactional Accounts are accounts where money is held for operational purposes such as making payments to vendors & employees, receiving payments from customers and general expenditures via debit or credit cards.  These Transactional Accounts include bank and payment accounts such as Airwallex, Wise, DBS, UOB and OCBC.

  • Transactional Account Parameters are accessed under Account Settings.
  • Then goto Integrations.
  • You'll see Transactional Accounts at the top.  To edit the parameters click the transactional account you wish to update.
  • You'll then be presented with a dialog to edit the Operational Parameters.

There are 3 parameters you can update for each Transactional Account:

  • Target Cash Balance

The figure entered here is the ideal cash balance to hold in the account.  It should be high enough to support a minimum of 2 days of cash operations from the account.  CashWise automation will manage the account balance to the target balance based on 2 inputs:  Minimum Transfer Amount and future Cash Flows.

* As a rule of thumb, this amount can be set to a higher threshold initially and then decreased as you become more comfortable with the automation process.

  • Minimum Transfer Amount

Whether cash is moved in or out of the account, CashWise automation will not schedule moving of funds until the Minimum Transfer Amount is exceeded.

Increase the Minimum Transfer Amount:

Minimizes the number of transfers in and out of the account.
*Less transfers could be advantageous if you have transactional fees involved when moving funds.

You'll probably need to increase the Target Cash Balance to accommodate less frequent top ups in the account.

Decrease the Minimum Transfer Amount:

Increases the frequency of transfers in and out of the account means the automation can adapt more quickly to changes in the account balance.
*This means you can lower the Target Cash Balance and also frees up more idle cash for investment purposes.

It could trigger more account fees in the Transactional Account and/or Investment Account.  For example moving USD outside of the US requires use of the SWIFT network which typically have fees for both sender AND receiver USD.

  • Threshold Alert

When the Transactional Account Balance falls to this level, you will be notified.  This notification is to help you be more cautious with spending until a top up is triggered or to as a tuning tool to trigger modification of either the Target Cash Balance or the Minimum Transfer Amount.

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